Monday, December 31, 2007

Savage Cyberware

One thing the Savage Worlds system is missing is cyberware. A couple good documents exist out Sci-Fi Toolkit, by the prolific Wiggy, has good rules but not enough cyberware (he prefers to take the minimalist approach, covering multiple cybernetic implants under one category). William Littlefield's "Savage Cybertek" is also good, but since that system has cyberware as gear and Edges, each implant is more powerful than I'd like. My system treats each implant as one piece of gear, but a single Edge is required to install them. The rules are followed by a pretty long and comprehensive list of cyberware. It has worked well for my Savage Torg campaign.
there to cover them, but they didn't meet my needs. The


Savage Wuxia

Wuxia (pronounced woo-shya) is the style of high-flying, epic martial arts from Chinese movies like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and House of Flying Daggers. It covers a type of martial arts that Clint Black's excellent Modern Martial Arts doesn't.

Updated March 2010 with a total overhaul, replacing the wonky Arcane Background-based Wuxia with an Edge-based system, getting rid of a couple techniques that were redundant or too powerful, and cleaning it up overall. Those who prefer Wuxia as an Arcane Background may still find that write-up in a past issue of Shark Bytes.


Welcome to Get Savaged!

A "blog" to host material I've made for the Savage Worlds roleplaying game. I recommend anyone interested in the game check out the discussion boards to see the kind of community built around this solid game. Also, download the free Test Drive rules to see what this game is all about.