Monday, December 31, 2007

Savage Cyberware

One thing the Savage Worlds system is missing is cyberware. A couple good documents exist out Sci-Fi Toolkit, by the prolific Wiggy, has good rules but not enough cyberware (he prefers to take the minimalist approach, covering multiple cybernetic implants under one category). William Littlefield's "Savage Cybertek" is also good, but since that system has cyberware as gear and Edges, each implant is more powerful than I'd like. My system treats each implant as one piece of gear, but a single Edge is required to install them. The rules are followed by a pretty long and comprehensive list of cyberware. It has worked well for my Savage Torg campaign.
there to cover them, but they didn't meet my needs. The


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Ishmadrad said...

Good work man. Could be very useful to Savages around the world.

Andrea "Lord Lance"

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