Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Island Magic

As a fan of mixtures of horror, magic, and pirates (such as Tim Powers' excellent novel, On Stranger Tides, soon to be made into the sequel to the Pirates of the Caribbean movies), the one thing I felt has been missing from the Pirates of the Spanish Main Savage Setting is some sort of dark magic. It was left out of the sourcebook intentionally, as traditional spellcasting doesn't fit the setting well. I agree, though when I found Clint Black's article on Rituals in Shark Bytes #2, I realized here was a great way of introducing the supernatural.

Island Magic takes a look at vodoun (voodoo, as it is commonly known) and obeah, a type of folk magic from the Caribbean, with a similar pedigree to voodoo and Santeria. These rules are designed specifically for Pirates of the Spanish Main, but they can work for any game that uses low-level magic focusing on curses and small effects, especially those that take place in the Caribbean or have characters from the West Indies.

More basic information on obeah can be found on Wikipedia.


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