Monday, February 4, 2008

Savage V-Mods

"V-Mods" stands for vehicle mods, additions and adaptations that can be added to vehicles to give
them new capabilities. A mod could be added to cars to make them more armored, for example, or to add the ability to leave smoke screens or have hidden storage areas. Each modifier costs a money based on the overall cost of the vehicle.

Any kind of vehicle can be added on in this way, things from cars and trucks to planes and boats. Even bicycles or skateboards could be "modded," if the choices make sense? Drop this into your Savage Worlds game to provide your players with some new stuff to spend their money on, or to give vehicle-driving villains some new, surprising goodies.



ronin3338 said...

Hello Brian,

I am making a Shadowrun conversion, and for my gaming group we have used your V-Mods netbook as a jumping off point. I would like your permission to reprint your book, with my modifications and notations as such. I would forward you a copy once it is finished, and if it meets your approval I would then post it to the Yahoo group where I have put my Savage Shadows document.

JethSeux said...

Hey Brian,
The mods are very helpful.
Sadly, the basic vehicle stats in the Explorer's Edition are very limited. I heard that the older edition had more vehicles. Do you know of any sources for vehicle stats for Explorer's Edition. I am thinking of things like combat helicopters and the like.

HawaiianBrian said...


I'm afraid not. Sorry. Surely there's something out there, but I don't know of it.

Rinas said...

I am making a Shadowrun Conversion to for our own rounds (in Germany).

I wanted ask if i may use it and altered it a bit so it would fit for my Conversion.

HawaiianBrian said...

For some reason, Blogger never notified me about these comments. I have no idea how I missed the one from Ronin3338, for example. Guess it's probably too late now, but, Rinas, I'll say the same thing I would have said to Ronin3338: Go ahead and alter the rules in whatever way you need. Naturally, if you go public with it, credit my original document and put in a link. Thanks and glad you enjoyed it.

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