Friday, July 11, 2008

Character Sheet for Savage Worlds

My goal in creating this sheet was to present a pleasing, complete character sheet that has everything one might need on one single side of the paper, including an area for a character picture (something I always crave). When trying to fit all that information on one page, it can be a challenge to find room enough for all the Powers, equipment, etc. one might have. Space was further limited by my decision to present all the skills instead of just leave a few blank fields to be filled in by the user. To me it just seems more formal that way.

Designing this sheet took me about six hours from start to finish, using an old Mac program called Appleworks v.6. I wanted to be as conservative with space as possible, so you'll find smaller fonts and less white space than in some other sheets. I hope the end result is pleasing.

Try eight different designs:


As usual, the character sheet is copyright Brian Reeves 2008. Please feel free to host them elsewhere as long as they are not altered and are given my attribution. Thanks!


Muse said...

Brian, I just wanted to let you know I printed off the "Magma" character sheet for my Malakar character (Runepunk)! The red and black scheme fit her perfectly. Thanks!

James 'Ghostman' Schrecengost said...

the links don't work anymore! I tried to look at them, but got errors from Google docs.

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