Monday, February 11, 2013

Savage Torg Version 4 -- Now More Torgy!

Torg was a wonderful cross-genre game that came out in 1990 by West End Games. Since it ceased publication in 1995, it has remained a fan favorite. Most everyone who has ever had the chance to play it remembers it fondly. Players have the opportunity to play nearly anything they desire: gunslingers, wizards, cybered-out street samurai, rocketpack heroes, ninjas, swashbucklers, even primitive lizard men. Torg's unique axiom rules allowed characters with different levels of magic, tech, miracles, and even social advancement interact in a balanced and exciting way.

In 2007 I initially undertook to convert Torg to Savage Worlds. In many ways, Torg is actually ideal for adaptation into the Savage Worlds system – in fact, Savage Worlds is a direct protegĂ© of Torg. Both games are highly “cinematic” in structure and tone. Torg possibilities are very similar to Savage Worlds Bennies. Player characters in both games are able to shake off damage easier than NPCs. Both use cards in ways integral to the system. People used to Torg's game play should find Savage Worlds a natural fit.

This fan conversion is based on the author's campaign, so several changes have been made which are not “core.” Feel free to modify or ignore any changes that do not fit your own campaign. The Living Land has been merged with the Land Below. Tharkold and The Space Gods have been eliminated, the Cyberpapacy expanded, and Orrorsh and Aysle have moved, and there are three optional new realms. World Laws have been dropped so that every realm offers exactly one World Law as a setting rule. And last, all sorts of the flavor of the classic game has been expressed in Savage Worlds terms, such as Edges and Hindrances, and in some cases given new mechanics.

At the time of this writing, the rights to Torg have passed to a German company and its plans to update or rerelease Torg are unknown. Until such a time as Torg is rereleased, the old sourcebooks from Torg's original print run will be necessary for play.

Savage Torg has long been my pet project, and will always be a work in progress. Early version dating back to 2007 are still floating around the internet. My hope is that these rules can help keep the enjoyable, exciting Torg universe alive. Please don't hesitate to contact me with suggestions, ideas, or other feedback. This new, longer version of Savage Torg updates some of the rules, and adds equipment, some new Powers, and an adventure.


Unknown said...

Downloaded - will play. Thank you for your hard work!

HawaiianBrian said...

Thank you! I'd love to hear more about your experience with this rules set if you would like to share. :)

Tanner Yea said...

I hope you still read this blog, as I'm working on a few fan rules for this adaptation. I added in a Mad Max mixed with Tharkold cosm, and I'm also adding in Space Gods but with a transhumanism element

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