Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Blood of Dracula

Just in time for Halloween, I have put together a horror one-shot based on the classic novel Dracula, by Bram Stoker, called The Blood of Dracula.

The players take on the roles of the six heroes of that classic literary work as they struggle to fight back against the growing threat of Count Dracula.

• Jonathan Harker: a legal solicitor and survivor of the Count and his fiendish Brides
• Mina Harker: Jonathan Harker's wife, under the thrall of the Count
• Abraham van Helsing: A straight-talking Dutch scholar on the trail of the nosferatu
• Dr. Jack Seward: Director of an asylum located near Carfax Abbey, Count Dracula's ruinous London abode
• Sir Arthur Holmwood: Former fiance of Lucy Westenra, forced to confront the fact that she has been turned by Count Dracula into one of his vampire Brides
• Quincey Morris: A brash Texan who joins the hunt to avenge Lucy's death

Split into three chapters, the adventure first pits the heroes against the foul creature that was once Lucy Westenra, risen from her grave to prey upon the children of Hampstead. From there, they descend upon Carfax Abbey and Dracula's hideouts around London to consecrate the crates containing his foul Transylvanian soil. Finally, they travel to the Count's homeland and to his crumbling castle to put an end to his evil for all time. However, it will take cunning and perseverance to defeat this ancient vampire. This adventure is designed to be challenging!

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